Dedicated Hosting VS Shared Hosting: The Difference


People get puzzled with ISP or Internet Service Provider and web hosting. As a matter of fact, these two services are very diverse though some ISP’s providers web hosting services and vice versa. In practice ISP’s serve as a media between internet and computer for access while web host maintains different sites on their servers which you visit from all parts of the globe with the use of ISP access.

Based on features which web hosting company offers, web hosting is separated into diverse classification. Two such kinds of web hosting are dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

Shared hosting is the kind of hosting where single server hardware is utilised by many users. Diverse users have their sites and databases on similar server. These users could also use email services with the assistance of that shared server.

In this kind of hosting the users are provided access to put in domains, make the sites and permitted to access their database with the assistance of control panel and browser.  With the advent of web technology the sharing hosting has improved securities of the sites that share the server. Dedicated hosting doesn’t allow sharing of server, instead server to be utilised by one client.

Customers having dedicated server for website hosting is provided full administrative powers and has accountability for maintenance, updating as well as taking backup of the server. A lot argue that dedicated servers are must for safety and that is true as well. Regardless of what kind of web hosting you want, one thing for sure, you can find web hosting company that can give you the web hosting service that you want.

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