Doubt Magazine

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

“What if you took modern day fashion and turned it on its head?” — This is the question that was at the heart of “Doubt” magazine.


About this project

Fashion, just like art, is a form of expression and is perceived differently by each person. What one might call art, or fashion, if you prefer, another might call horrible. It is this divide that drives us to create ever newer and more complex pieces with layers upon layers of reasoning, choices and design challenges hidden away from the naked eye.

To showcase this and break it down is by no means an easy task, it requires a thought process which can easily flow and switch between path ways while taking in as much information as possible. Our team was able to take large sets of data and information, interviews and written content pieces, and proceed to condense them down into just a single magazine. Of course only scratching the service of the modern fashion world, but still doing an undeniable job of really analysing what lies at the heart of each piece featured.