Falafel Noura

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AboutThe Client

At the corner of M. Alexandrou and Salaminos at Gazi in Greece you’ll find the most mouth-watering falafel in Athens, true to tradition tabbouleh with crispy porridge. Falafel Noura is known for: Quick, cheap and perhaps the best tasting falafel in Athens. Last but not least, it has the shape of a heart.

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About this project

Working on Falafel Noura was smoother than what we expected it to be. Due to being an international client from Greece and Jukkie Digital Agency based in London, United Kingdom, we thought we would have communication problems. However, that was proven wrong and with the advanced technology we introduced to the client, we made this a success.

Throughout the development process, we had meetings with the client at the times which worked best for them, whether this be in-person or over the phone. As we progressed, the client needed a couple bits and bobs added and tweaked. The most prevalent of these was an update to the existing logo, which the client felt was outdated. To increase the professionalism of their brand, we made several concept designs and got them sent out within the same day.

They made everything possible and the idea I had about the whole concept was brought to life and now its now shining!