Left and Right – Interactive Book Design

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

Known simply as ‘The Left and Right Book’, this piece was meant as both an example and an idea to get people interested too. It presented a divide between the reality we preserve and what could be, or potentially: “what really is”. Our own version of reality may very well be entirely different from another’s, and yet, we would never be completely sure if that was the case.


About this project

“If pink doesn’t exist, why can we see it?” — Most definitely an interesting thought and certainly one that puzzled our team for the duration of this project. After all, who could really know if pink existed in the way we thought it did? Nevertheless and apart from this fact, so to speak, our team really enjoyed working on this project.

Finding the right way to present each design and laying out all of the written content was hard at times, as we wanted to make sure everything was perfect. After the initial planning, implementation and finalisation stages of the project had passed, we did some final Q&A with the client. They were extremely pleased and happy with how things had turned out. This was a welcome relief for our team, as weeks of work had been leading up to that moment, and to get such a positive response was simply amazing.