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AboutThe Client

LF Cars is a London-based automobile company that offers major car brands such as Mercedes, Range Rover, Audi and many more. LFCars has been in business for over 20 years and have a strong commitment to providing only the best service and collection of new and used cars. Their inventory totals thousands of vehicles, both new and old classics alike.

They are known for offering a hassle-free buying experience and affordable prices. LFCars is not your typical car dealership. They make sure that LFCars is a great place to buy and sell new and used cars as well as work in. Their dealers don’t only work in a friendly environment, but also get the support they need to improve their skills. By doing so, they are motivated to continue providing quality services to our clients. They do this to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

The client themself was a pleasure to work with and very happy to work closely with our team. As Jukkie is a London-based website design agency, it was possible to meet in-person and build a much better picture of what the client wanted with visual aids and a paper and pen.

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About this project

LF Cars was a full-stack development project with the need for professional design, complete organic SEO and secure inventory management systems. The customer was working with a smaller budget than some, so it was important to keep the project within an affordable price range. We did our best to work with the customer and still provide the same quality of service we are known for.

Throughout the development process, we had meetings with the client at the times which worked best for them, whether this be in-person or over the phone. As we progressed, the client needed a couple bits and bobs added and tweaked. The most prevalent of these was an update to the existing logo, which the client felt was outdated. To increase the professionalism of their brand, we made several concept designs and got them sent out within the same day.

Thank you for all the hard work and the launching of the new website. It looks great and functions great – we are all happy with the delivered service and are delighted with the results.