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AboutThe Client

Milano Stone is a leading provider of kitchen worktops in England, in three types of stone – granite, marble and quartz. Their services and products aim to make your kitchen one of the best bespoke kitchens in England. Their services are not just restricted to providing you the best quality products but they also assist and manage all of the aspects of your requirements from beginning to end.

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About this project

Working on Milano Stone was great fun. We really pushed the boat out to get the exact the design the customer wanted. Piece by piece, bit by bit, it all came together. There were hiccups along the way and mistakes as ever, but with a team like we have at Jukkie, that was no problem at all to correct. The project was very focused on SEO and UX design from the start. Getting the best we could from the website was not always easy, but getting the very best possible results requires time and effort.

Out of all the projects we worked on, Milano Stone really stood out for us. It was very detail oriented. This made us have to get more than a little creative when it came to building the website. We had to dig deep and use all our available resources and knowledge to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

I chose Jukkie Digital Agency because they had a wide range of experiences and on our first meeting they had a lot of creative ideas and technical knowledge that I wouldn't have thought of. This allowed them to deliver engaging digital experience that was presenting their ideas by itself.