Secrets – Collection of Booklet Designs

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

Collection of three beautifully illustrated and hand bound booklets. Each one features a film related to codes and conspiracies, giving insight into the films’ story and characters.


About this project

Unquestionably one of the most insightful and uniquely-themed projects we have worked on. To assist with the creation, understanding and communication of each detail of the piece, our team spent a large quantity of time researching and taking notes on the key areas which the piece was themed around. This helped us greatly once we had passed the initial stages of basic prototyping and brainstorming.

The styling and approach of the project was very simplistic, minimalist and abstract. Our team worked hard trying to get the right feel for each element within the piece, they went through hundreds of micro-revisions and changes, all while still taking a step back to decide if the changes had really added to the overall quality of the project. As they say, sometimes over-engineering can be a bad thing.