The Shed Restaurant

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

Shed is an well-known and ever growing restaurant based in the heart of London. With their business expending on every front, moving towards a digital stance was the next logical move.

With something for everyone and plenty of exceptional dishes, it is no wonder that business is blooming faster than ever before and setting higher and higher standards of service.


About this project

We enjoyed working on Shed a lot as it presented new challenges and encouraged us all to think outside the metaphorical box, so to speak. The design was far from flat and simple, it had to be unique, colourful and attention grabbing, while also making sure that all the food items looked as good as possible.

The customer required two main goals to be achieved. The first being that the logo must look excellent, professional and have a family vibe to it, all while matching the colour scheme that already existed within the real-world restaurant. The second goal was that everything on the website must stem from the design of the logo for maximum consistency. Needless to say, our team really outdid themselves with this project!