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AboutThe Client

The owner of Vikijons Grill was looking for a quick turn around and to get the website live for customers ASAP. A short deadline can be troubling at times, but with full support from the client, we were able to get the basic details out of the way quite quickly.

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About this project

For Vikijons Grill to work as a face for the business, it had to communicate the same message as the restaurant does in-person, all while meeting its customers’ expectations. These expectations were high to say the least, as the restaurant is based in the heart of London in a high traffic area. This meant perfecting every details from start to finish and gathering proper feedback from real-world customers as to what they would want to see most.

When it comes to food, presentation is everything. After all, they say you eat with your eyes first. The same goes for any customer-oriented website, if the presentation is poor then the experience will be too. The most critical parts of the website were oriented around media presentation, layout and design. Without quality craftsmanship, there is no doubt the website would not be nowhere near as successful as it is today.