Welle Der Entspannung

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

“Welle Der Entspannung” or “Waves of relaxation” when roughly translated is a German spa company. The client requested that a logo be created for their business which was able to be scaled and would fit well with a classic decor


About this project

We threw around a lot of ideas and looked at all kinds of places for inspiration, until finally, we settled on the perfect set of designs. From then on, we simply had to create a few more and put them all into practice to see what each looked like. After a few days of work and designing, we had 3 main designs which we were keen to show the customer and get their feedback for.

After some Q&A and a few meetings with the client, we were able to pick out the best parts of each design and find out what worked best. Once this was decided, we produced a semi-finalised design for the client to review and then applied the last finishing touches to get it just right.