What They Didn’t Teach You in Design School – Book

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

“What They did(n’t) Teach You In Design School” was a time-sensitive piece which had to be made perfect in every sense apart from the word. The goal of the project was to showcase every mistake which could be made and likewise, showcase how far off the educational sector of modern design courses can be.


About this project

Working on the piece itself was an enjoyable experience but difficult at times as our designers had to throw out so much of what they had learnt and turn it on its head in order to make the project ‘right’ in reference to what the customer had required. It couldn’t simply match the typical standards, it had to be the exact opposite of this in order for it to really serve its purpose well.

Even with all that said, there is still an art in designing things to be incorrect. You cannot simply throw together a design without paying attention and expect it to fit the style of the piece. Instead, everything has to be designed to be intentionally wrong while still looking visually consistent and appealing. This is by no means an easy task, but our team of talented experts were able to make the process seamless and smooth throughout.