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The difference between a sale and a fail is the front of your book. As we have a common saying “Don’t judge a book by Its Cover” but normally we do. "On a purely functional level, a jacket is there to protect the book, but I also like to think of a book cover as a door. Its the beginning of the experience of reading" Book cover design is a complex balance of images,
text, and information and a top-class designer interacts with these elements to create an
eye-catching Cover.


jukkie Digital agency offered the services of graphic designing for the book cover and after a
detailed discussion we got the designing project. Working on Graphic design project design
is always fun for our team. We discussed the central purpose and strategy of the design
template, Target Audience, and the central message. Every time we offered the best
possible design options to the client and they were always satisfied with our design. Overall
it was a great experience. And we enjoyed working for the client.

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