Wireframe – Magazine

Graphic Design

AboutThe Client

Wireframe was a fantastic and fun to design magazine. It showcased everything from the design and planning stages of game development to the in-depth tricks used to make what you see and hear seem as realistic as possible without requiring a powerful computer.


About this project

Wireframe was a little different than what we were used to working on. Instead of an interactive design with plenty of room to expand, our team had to think more in terms of how best to present information on just a few pages of a given magazine copy. Our team of designers and editorial staff were more than happy to take this challenge on headfirst and get right on it.

When working with magazine design, it is important to consider exactly what content you believe should be kept and what simply cannot fit without affecting the overall flow of the existing content. Each page was carefully planned out and the typography analysed for maximum impact and effectiveness. This helped to make sure that all the require content was set in place and that all the visual assets were seamless with the writing itself.