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Milano Stone

Project Summary

A titling and masonry company with a short deadline.


20 Aug, 2016


Working on Milanostone was great fun. We really loved the challenges it presented and the dynamic of the project, so to speak. Our team worked really hard towards the end of the project to push the boat out, by that point we had become almost attached to the website itself. So much planning, time and care had went into getting every detail right, with changes here and there for the customer.

Simply put, we wanted every detail, no matter how small or how big to be absolutely perfect. From the images down to the font size and styling. Seeing it all come together had more meaning than just another website to us, it was a goal and equally the customer’s dream. We had the pleasure of creating that and making it a reality.

Out of all the projects we have worked on and completed, Milanostone really stood out. We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who was involved in the project and helped make Milanostone what it is today! It means the world to the customer, and in turn, so does it to us.

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