The Importance of Web Security

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Change. It is the one thing constant in this world. In connection to that, there is no doubt why technology changes constantly. With that in mind, business owners might have a hard time securing their customers and personal details on the web. This is always true in the different types of businesses.

One of the important purposes of web security is that it keeps sensitive information safe from the cyber-thieves and hackers. As a business owner, we always want to protect the important and confidential details of our customers safe. Without having high-quality and proactive web security, there is a high chance of the escalation and spread of malware and attacks on IT infrastructures, networks, and other web pages.

Knowledgeable and expert hackers can take away important information from your web easily. Besides, hackers can also transfer the malware from one computer to another. If this is the case, one might have a hard time tracing the malware’s origin.

How Can You Determine if Your Website is Truly Secure?

As mentioned, we don’t want to compromise the security of our website. We won’t let anyone, especially the cyber-thieves and hackers, to have access to our personal and customer’s important information.

There are a lot of methods anyone can follow to know the security of a website. In this section, we are going to share with you our effective ways to determine whether the website is secure. Read on to know further.

Check the SSL Certificate

Checking the SSL certificate of a website is the easiest and simplest way to know whether a website is secure or not. Look into your most visited website’s URL. If it begins with “http,” this means that you are browsing an unprotected site. On the other hand, if it begins with “https” with “s” that stands for “secure”, this means that it is safe to browse. For a company to receive an SSL certificate, they need to undergo a thorough validation process.

Look for the Signs Claiming that the Website is Real

The following are a few signs that will help you to determine whether or not the company is real;

  • Phone Number and Physical AddressIf the site contains the phone number and physical address of the company, there is a high possibility that the website is real. Reputable and reliable businesses enlist their important details, allowing you to connect with them anytime you experience problems.
  • Privacy Statement You can determine if a site is real and reputable if it shows a privacy statement. This will help you to make sure that your information is protected against third-party sites.

Aside from these two, you can also tell whether a site is reputable, reliable, and trustworthy by answering the following questions;

  • Does the site provide a reliable link? Does it look spammy or not?
  • Can you get information or expert value from the website?
  • Does the site contain an authority institution?

Reasons Why Web Security is Crucial

There are lots of websites that get hacked daily. Approximately 50,000 sites are getting hacked in one day. In fact, this number is continuously increasing; that’s why the importance of a good web security is growing. As time goes by, being protected against the possible harm that may happen on the internet is important. Web security protects the data stored on the website.

In this section, we are going to provide different reasons for the importance of web security. So, keep on reading and enjoy!

Hacked Websites Target the Clients

Malicious application or software that was installed by a hacker in your computer may gather important data about your company or business, infect your website, or hijack the overall resources in your PC. When a hacker gained access to a site, he can infect one’s customers and redirect the traffic through the use of a malicious software.

This only means that when you run an unprotected website, cyber-thieves and hackers can utilize it easily. The unprotected site can pose risks to your visitors or customers. It cannot be denied that thousands of malware can possibly attack someone’s website without knowing it. Also, hackers can use a lot of ways to infect your site. Most of these methods are being done with the use of computerized hacking tools.

A Significant Drop in Revenue and Business Reputation Loss

More than 1.5 billion websites run on the internet. It cannot be denied that most of us use the internet to research something. This means that one should see the importance of search engine optimization. Website owners should know and decipher the real purpose of SEO.

In terms of CMS security and web security, malware infection continuously arise. One notable example is WordPress. For the past years, WordPress is known to have a low CMS security.

Website Clean-Up Costs More Expensive than Protecting It

When you discover that your site has been hacked by someone, you tend to search the possible ways to clean-up a hacked website. Google provides you with a wide array of answers. But most of these would recommend you seek a professional help.

Cleaning up WordPress malware is left out in the hands of professionals, unless one knows how to clean it properly. Most of the time, professionals would charge you for about 150 US Dollars for removing the WordPress malware.

Researches claim that more than 80 percent of all the websites running on the internet are vulnerable to malware infection. To remove the malware from a website, a professional will look for its vulnerabilities as well as determine the way hackers think. This is the reason we advise you to look for a service provider that performs malware clean-ups manually.

Indeed, this service is expensive. So, as soon as you build your website, make sure that it is secure and protected against the cyber-thieves and hackers.


If your website is unprotected, it can be easily accessed by the online thieves causing your site to be infected by a malicious malware. When your site is hacked, you and your customer’s personal and confidential details are at risk. So, take action to gain high web security.

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