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Web design is essential to all business owners out there. This is a way to spread information about them and achieve a bigger platform. It works on getting the attention of potential clients and giving one’s website more recognition.

Amazing web design helps in creating quality content. However, the road to achieving great design is a difficult process. This field requires a lot of thinking, especially creativity. Luckily, our team is willing to give you some tips on how to improve your web design. Whether you are a starting content creator or is only planning to change your web designs, these steps will surely be worth all your time, money, and effort. We are a team that gives all their best effort and ensures that all our clients receive high quality services. Without further ado, let us start!

Set Out a Goal for Yourself

This is an important step for anyone starting with anything; business, blogs, projects, and the likes. Identify what your goal is upon building your website. This is the first step to everything. It helps to keep you focused more on what you want to achieve and avoid sudden changes along the way.

Setting out a goal would also be easy for those who will help you create your website. We’ll be giving you a set of questions that we mostly ask for those starting out their first websites:

  • For whom will the site be for?
  • What are your expectations for this site?
  • What is the website’s main purpose?

These are simple questions but are a must for every starting content creator. Take notes of these important parts, and we assure you that we can provide a quality service for our dear clients.

Think About Your Ideas and Create a Plan

You can’t just immediately start with designing all at once. Brainstorm your ideas, research, take notes of them, combine them, and then choose what you think is the best. Thinking out all the ideas can ensure an easier process and smooth flow when starting with the website’s design. Considering the factors that the viewers would like to see is also a must. Here are some questions you should think about to help you conceptualize your website’s design:

  • What are the pages they’re going to view?
  • What content do they want? What are they going to read?
  • What offers will they want?
  • Where would they focus their attention on?

It is all about piquing your future viewers’ interest. Learn how to understand them more, and this will surely lead to a bigger audience in the near future.

Give Good Content

Of course, good content is always the best. However, we are not talking about what you will be writing, but the visual content. Visualizations are just as important as what you will be writing. A lot of people will quickly be interested if you attract them with your website’s design. Our team assures that our clients get good quality services, below are more tips in creating a visually-appealing website.

Choosing Colours

In choosing the colors for your web design, you need to consider your audience. There are colors that some people might struggle with. Don’t make it too bright, and don’t make it too dark. Those with color blindness often struggle with the colors red and green, so it would also be nice to note those.

Experiment with a lot of colors and ask for other people’s opinions. For a women-approached website, try focusing more on colors blue, purple, and green. For men, it could be blue, green, and black. These colors are a generalized preference, but with so many colors out there, it’s best to try all of them until you get the color you really want.

Making Headlines

Your headline text must be set in a big-sized font so that it can address your potential clients’ concerns. Think about the questions that would immediately pop up in their head. Timing? Results? Its process? Whatever concerns it may be, it would be best if you address the solutions in bold.

Don’t Be Afraid of White Spaces

Usually, when designing, a lot of people would think more designs are nice. Creation is versatile, though. You can go with a simple style and still attract a lot of clients. Those with a lot of designs can look ugly and cramped. Make sure the designs can mix well with your website. Too many elements can confuse a lot of people and would most likely get them from exiting your website.

Add Social Share Buttons

Social Share Buttons are buttons that can be found at the top of the bottom of one’s web site. They are an added benefit to gain more people to view your website. These social media buttons appear as social media icons; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes in which it’s clicked will allow the viewer to share your website automatically to their desired social media platform.

You cannot get any better way of promoting your website than this. Just one share from your reader can reach out to a lot of people. Your website might get recognized in no time with this.

Include a Contact Page

A lot of content creators just put their contact information without putting much thought into it. If you plan on doing the same, think about it again. The contact page is one of the most important pages when creating a website. This is where your potential clients can get in touch with you.

Make sure you input all the important information about where your clients can contact you. This can even be used as an advantage in explaining that you are a trusted and reliable business. Take note that all of us have different preferences, so just giving them your phone number can turn them down. Others would prefer an email or telephone number. Assure them that they can be assisted in any way. Soon, you’ll build a strong relationship with them in no time.

Jukkie Digital Agency excels at custom design and front end development. We love taking on challenging projects that require full-on content strategy, thoughtful design, demanding development, and ongoing marketing.

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