Tips for Better Web Security

Tips for Better Web Security

Having a website means you unlock your business to others in the virtual world. While most visitors of your site cannot know of all your data there are some people who have malicious intent and skill to actually steal it. For that reason, you need to increase your web security so that you can be sure of a safe website.

Make Sure Your Website is Updated

First rule to prevent being a hacked website is to stay updated. If you understand what is possible in terms of computer security, then you need to protect your website by making sure your site is updated. Learn of any news about web security and take precautions whenever necessary.

Improve Your Access Control

The admin level is what presents the easiest way that a hacker can get inside your website. In order to prevent getting hacked, make sure to toughen your access control by using user names, passwords and other security measures that cannot be easily guessed. The key is to make it harder for the hackers to get inside so make it random and regularly change your password.

Better Network Security

Sometimes, your network security provides an easy way to which hackers can get inside your website. To prevent this, ensure that passwords are strong, never written down and should be changed frequently. Make sure that all devices plugged are scanned for malware. Additionally, logins should expire after inactivity within a short period of time.

With these simple security measures, you are taking the first step to ensuring your website is safe. Of course, there are still many web security measures you can add to truly prevent being hacked.

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