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The new year is here, and 2020 has been filled with a whole lot of surprises. A lot has changed over the years. Let us talk about style. Every year, there are different fashion style trends. We go from chic, preppy, vintage, artsy, et cetera. Now, we are about to talk about Web Development and Designs. When it comes to these, they are no different from fashion. They also go from different styles every year.

Creation never stops, and will only keep on transforming. With the pandemic happening, a lot of people had all the time to be busy with their hobbies. We are no exception. Curious about what we did? Our team has researched the current trends today, and below, you could read about the top web design trends this upcoming year.

If you own a website or plan to create one, we hope these can help you gain more ideas for your website’s design.

Keeping It Simple

“Simplicity is beauty”, they say. Minimalism is a current trend this 2021. There are different types of keeping your website plain and simple. Here we have the types of styles in getting that minimalistic-style for your web design.

Using Bold Colours

In business, you can always find a competitor nearby. Surely, no one wants an overshadowed business. That is why we try a lot of marketing strategies to stand out more. Creating websites is strategic marketing. Now, how do we make ourselves get more recognition? By giving our website an outstanding design.

Think of supersaturation. A lot has been adapting to bold and bright colors these days. It no longer surprising to see another brand using this type of style. Brilliant deep colors can grab the attention of any reader. Choosing the right color with this type of style is not easy. Just using bright colors on your website to follow this trend can actually make potential clients leave your website. This is because bright colors can get in the way of their reading. Web designers sometimes go with plain colors and shadows just to be safe. If you manage to get the right color, then it would surely please a lot of viewers.

Using Only Texts

This text-only trend is also one of the interesting trends happening today. We go and choose a background image, and then just let our chosen font do its work.

The font style is the key to this web design trend.  Experimenting and choosing the right font will bring out amazing results. Try using creative fonts to give your website a fun personality. Yes, we have said that the fonts are the main factor here, but also consider trying out different colors. This will add a nice touch to your website.

Short on Texts, But More on Images

Although content is important, visuals can also play an important role in a lot of websites. Choose the right picture, and it will provide you a deeper explanation without the need for you to write an explanation about them. You can simply put a picture, and those reading it will understand it completely in a short amount of time.

Designing is never easy. Just getting the right image is already hard for a lot of web content creators or web editors. What more in lessening the explanation for your product? Try writing down what you want to deliver, and shorten them up in no less than 5 words. Sure, you can still go into further details about it, but some readers actually prefer those straight-to-the-point explanations. A lengthy description is not required in this web design trend.

3D Elements

Another trend on the way is 3D elements. It helps in creating an interactive website. This 3D design has been opening up a lot to a lot of designers lately. It was already introduced way back, but with its pricey editing applications, this wasn’t much of a trend back then. Now, with our advancing technology, even editors at home can try and go all out with 3D shapes and designs.

A tip if you want 3D elements on your web design, try adding soft shadows, layers, and floating elements. This can give images or text a pseudo-3D effect, which makes layers and designs more layered and interesting. It is all about creating depth. These details can transform a flat and simple picture into something more.

Styling with Grids

A lot of people have been looking at this type of web design these days. Just using a solid color for the grids already makes a difference to your website. Although simple, it looks as if it was framed and lets your texts and images stand out more to your audience.

This will make your website more organized. And if you are planning on using more images on your website, then styling them with grids can add more visual interest to those who will be reading your website in the future.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a hot trend on every app right now. It is little to our surprise that websites will even go with this style. Using dark backgrounds can make your elements stand out more without the need to worry about it being straining to the eyes. The dark mode fits perfectly with any trending designs this 2021. It gets to make your content look modern and classy.

Getting In With Trendy Colours

Known trendy colors are those that are used on Instagram. They’ve made this popular by using combining colors, primary blue and pale-ish pink.

Combining colours can be a tricky process. You’ll need to experiment with a lot of combinations to choose the right mix that can complement well on your website. Using earthy tones like green, brown, wood textures, etc. and adding pastel tones can create an almost metallic look.  It still hasn’t gotten its way out on a lot of websites, but we are expecting these trendy colours to make its way more in the future.

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