What is Web Design?

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Web design means planning, updating or creating websites. Web design also includes information regarding graphic design, site structure, information structure, navigation, user interface, contrasts, colors, site layout, imagery and fonts and icons design. The meaning of web design is usually perceived mainly as the visual aspect. But in reality, designs include more abstract elements which simplify using websites and help make finding information lot easier.

Everything about your site including contents, the way the site looks and works is actually determined by website design. Website design pertains to the process of planning, conceptualizing and building collections of electronic files which determine the graphic designs, images, structure, color, text styles and the use of all the interactive features, delivering pages to your website visitors.

Professional web design services are now made available to make your business appear more professional and credible online. It is true that web design and graphic design are connected with each other. Graphic design is said to be the creation of newest solutions to problems within mediums of visual communications which can either be in 2D or 3D digitally or on paper. Graphic design usually includes logo design, business card design, sketches for industrial or fashion design and more.

All these aspects actually make every website successful, more engaging and functional. However, there are more to web design and graphic design that makes a site lives up to its fullest potential and be able to attract the right audience and the right numbers. This includes optimisation, advertising through social media, PR and more.  

Jukkie Digital Agency excels at custom design and front end development. We love taking on challenging projects that require full-on content strategy, thoughtful design, demanding development, and ongoing marketing.

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