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For the first five seconds of looking at your website, how sure are you that your visitors can catch up with the story of your brand? Does your website easy to navigate? Does your pricing layout is understandable by many? Does your website have a higher bounce rate than before?

If “no” is the answer to most of your questions, there may be a problem to your web design. For those who don’t know, you can’t achieve a business success if you are going to create only a good content and designed a business site. To be successful in this field, it is important to create a website design that provides functionality and is a concern to the user’s overall experience.

Aside from that, your site should create a good relationship with the audience from the first time they visit it. The website should provide clear information about your reasons for doing it, the things you offer, and the people who can access it.

If you have a hard time reaching success in the business because of a low-quality web design, the following are the important things you need to consider to improve it.

In this post, we are happy and excited to share our secrets with you in improving our own business website. We had also helped a lot of website owners around the world using the following techniques and tips. So, if you’re now ready to improve your web design, let’s get started!

Create a Plan

Before you design your site, create a plan first. To make sure that your site will meet the visitor’s needs and requirements effectively, we recommend you to follow their journey; from the moment they found your website up to the time they decided to be one of your customers.

To do this, ask yourself about the things they want, the contents they more likely to read, and the pages they will view.

Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

Writing and publishing a good content won’t do anything if you will not allow your visitors and customers to share it. You will miss the chance to gain higher social media traffic if your site does not feature social media share buttons.

If this is your first time to encounter “social sharing buttons,” these are the little buttons located at the bottom or top of your site’s every blog post. Usually, these buttons have social media icons, including  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, among others. The social sharing buttons will enable your visitors and customers to share a blog post from your site to their preferred social media channel.

Use Calls-to-Action

How sure are you that your visitors know what to do next upon browsing your website? Usually, visitors don’t have any idea what appropriate actions they need to do or pages to view without the instructions coming from you.

That’s why we recommend you to use the call-to-action buttons to improve your overall website design. If you are new to this, the call-to-action buttons are one of the important elements that will help your new visitors to determine the second step they need to follow.

Use the Right Images

Yes, we know that one picture can mean thousands. But, no picture is ever the same from one another. Not all images are suitable to your site. You need to look or create an image that contains the message of your website.

The good thing is that there are lots of images out there that you may consider. Most of them are free, so you don’t need to worry if you are on a budget. But, if you have the budget to avail of fancy, unique, and quality images, we recommend you to look for stock images.

A website that contains images does not mean it is unique and can gain the trust of the new visitors and turn them into potential clients.


Navigation is an important factor when you have decided to create and design a website. It serves as the map of the site. It usually consists of the core places that the site visitors can access or visit.

We don’t want to create a confusing and disorganized navigation interface as it does not lead to higher traffic and bounce rate to a website. To improve the navigation of your site, we recommend you to make sure that your customers and visitors can access and find the places they want to go within your site.

If your visitors spent long hours finding the things they want to see on your website, they would probably leave your site and won’t visit it again.

Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

Another important design element we want to share with you is the whitespace. It is a good tool for helping the site to improve the content readability and break a page. Some web designers call it “negative space.” If this is your first time to encounter the term, it is an element that describes the empty space around the site. In other words, it does not contain any visual items or content.

In some cases, white space might somehow be superfluous, which is undeniable. But for us, it is a big help for improving your website design as its main work is to prioritize the content and increase its readability. Aside from that, it is also a crucial element used for the designing process.

Get Found

Every website owners want to create a substantial presence online. If you are in the same shoes, we recommend you to create a searchable website. To get found, you need to make a good SEO strategy. When creating an SEO strategy, you need to consider the keywords that might be used by your audience and buyer personas when searching for something.


There are lots of ways you can do to improve the overall performance and design of your website. But, the tips we mentioned above are the ones that helped our site and other website owners around the world. So, if we were you, we will try these tips.

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